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Labradorite Pillars Assorted approximately 7cm.

Crystal points occur at the top of crystal pillars, the termination point on the top of the pillar acts as a focus point for the crystal’s energy. Crystal pillars act as a battery due to the energy amplification being produced at the tip of the pillar, Crystal pillars can be used to transfer charged energy into the body, and also have the capability to act as a battery, recharging other crystals in their immediate vicinity.

Labradorite is a transformative crystal, this stone promotes strength and perseverance in times of change, Labradorite helps to keep balanced and will protect the users aura while raising consciousness and spiritual energies, Labradorite has been associated with psychic abilities and will boost self confidence and trust, Labradorite is a crystal which has been linked with boosting imagination and helping to bring more positive views of the world.

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