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Clear Quartz Point approximately 7cm tall

Crystal points occur at the top of crystal pillars, the termination point on the top of the pillar acts as a focus point for the crystal’s energy. Crystal pillars act as a battery due to the energy amplification being produced at the tip of the pillar, Crystal pillars can be used to transfer charged energy into the body, and also have the capability to act as a battery, recharging other crystals in their immediate vicinity.

Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing stone of all the crystals, it has the most powerful vibrations of any crystals and as such is known as the stone of power. Clear Quartz is a strong amplifier and helps to manifest and increase any energy and intention; it protects against negativity and boosts self improvement, connecting the use to the higher self. Clear Quartz is believed to relieve pain through being placed on the area in need of healing. Clear Quartz is also a strengthener of the aura and can shield you from negative environments, dispelling the energy of others.

Clear Quartz is also unique in its ability to hold information and can be programmed to activate and align the chakras. As an energy absorber do note though, that Clear quartz must be cleansed frequently

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