Welcome to Rivendell World

Welcome to Rivendell World, your step towards a more extraordinary world. Our store is full of local craft, ornaments and crystals sourced from NZ and all over the world. Inspired by the magic of Tolkien’s world, you’ll find dragons guarding handmade jewellery, fairies and elves mingling with the witches, incense, candles and essential oils to help you find calm, and books to enlighten you about it all. Contact us if you need help with anything, otherwise happy browsing in this world of fantasy.

Our shop

Your leading provider of fantasy giftware, Mystical wonders and Homeware. Established in 2006 in Albany Mall, Rivendell World’s team have been making fantasies and dreams come true for people of all ages, come satisfy your senses in our giftware emporium next to the level 1 Playground, you’ll be delighted and enthralled by the treasures you find.



Used in a variety of ways since ancient civilization, crystals bring healing, empowerment, support, and clarity to those who believe, helping to align us to the natural world around us


A selection of diffusers, candles, incense, scents and oils for soothing, massage healing and ambience


Items inspired by imaginations, myths, legends, stories and the fables of old


Artworks, decorations and fanciful ornaments to help transform your house into a home


Build your meditations, enrich your prayers, and allow us to help you strengthen your faith.


An extension of yourself, express your style with a selection of crystal, and Alchemy Jewellery to accentuate and compliment you


Explore Ancient Egypt, run with the horses, and stylise your space with Rivendell World’s selection of inspired figurines

The gift of magic

Amal and Bob opened Rivendell World in 2006 with the opening of Westfield Albany, their vision for a more modern, lighter Rivendell was, for them, a new beginning, and way to connect with their community.

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