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Six sided Rose Quartz Pillar. Approximately H18x W5.xD5CM

Crystal points occur at the top of crystal pillars, the termination point on the top of the pillar acts as a focus point for the crystal’s energy. Crystal pillars act as a battery due to the energy amplification being produced at the tip of the pillar, Crystal pillars can be used to transfer charged energy into the body, and also have the capability to act as a battery, recharging other crystals in their immediate vicinity.

Rose Quartz is the crystal for unconditional Love and infinite peace, it works with the heart to purify intentions, and open the heart up on all levels, it helps to teach self love and healing from past traumas or crisis’s, working to calm the nerves. Rose Quartz helps to find love and meaningful relationships, enhancing positivity, receptiveness to love, and increasing self esteem. Rose Quartz is best worn on the heart.

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