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Tiger’s Eye Facial Massage Roller with two rollers, Facial massage rollers promote bloodflow and circulation to the skin, making it look brighter, plumper and feel healthier. Massage Rollers can be used as a standalone tool, or as an applicant to skincare products, helping to rub creams in and may help to speed the skins absorption of oils and creams.

A strongly protective stone, Tiger’s eye is associated with wealth and good luck, Tiger’s Eye helps the wearer to embrace their inner strength and willpower, Tiger’s Eye gives the wearer strength and can be used to ward off and protect from evil. The Ancient Egyptian people believed that Tiger’s Eye expressed divine vision, and used this crystal in making protective amulets for soldiers who went to battle. Tiger’s eye brings out the inner strength and self confidence; it can help shift people out of a slump, and energize them to higher accomplishments. Tiger’s eye is a stone of positivity, and will assist the user in boosting their drive and dedication while keeping them centred and connected to their core values.

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