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CDX- Gem Pendulums- Cube Onyx Pendulum on a link chain, in a gift box.

Pendulums are an ancient tool consisting of a natural crystal or wood on the end of a rope or chain. When learning to use a pendulum, it is important to first take a moment to centre your mind, then you should hold your pendulum in your dominant hand with the other face up beneath it. After you do this, you should clear your mind from distractions as to help the pendulum attune to your body. Once you are ready, you must identify your pendulum’s responses- ask your pendulum a question with a positive answer, that you already know i.e. is the sky blue, the swinging pattern of the pendulum will mean yes, stop the pendulum after this and ask it a question with a negative answer, i.e is the sky green. The swinging pattern of the pendulum will now correspond to no. Once you have ascertained your pendulum’s response patterns it is now time to ask your questions. Your pendulum will either give you a clear yes or no answer, or will not follow its patterns- if it is unclear whether the answer to your question is positive or negative your pendulum will do something different to its usual yes no answers.

Onyx is a crystal which offers a powerful protective aura, it has been associated with willpower and strength, and is useful for those who need help with determination and conviction. Onyx is a crystal which will give you the energy and drive to pursue the dreams and improvements you need to see in your life, it is one of the most protective crystals known to man. Onyx can create protective auras around the wearer, and has been used to make protective amulets for thousands of years