Amethyst LED USB Table Lamp With Gemstone Tree

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USB LED light ring with a disk of natural, rough amethyst pieces inside the light, as well as an amethyst tree


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LED disk lamp with rough Amethyst pieces around the frame, and an Amethyst crystal tree in the center. USB operated. 20x18x18CM

Amethyst is one of the most prominent crystals; it is believed to ground the user, bringing tranquility and calmness to people in its surroundings. The deep purple hues of Amethyst bring relaxation, reassurance and peace of mind to users, it dispels anger and anxiety, and helps the user to find peace, serenity and balance in their everyday life. Amethyst also helps to cope with stressful situations and emotional strain, Amethyst raises spiritual awareness and enhances psychic abilities and intuitiveness.

The Tree of life symbol consists of a large interconnected tree, with its branches and roots linked together. This symbol represents our eternal connection to nature and mother earth, and our interconnectedness within the world. The tree of life may also symbolize rebirth and eternal life in some cultures, for the cycle between the roots and branches is unbroken.