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The all-seeing eye of God watching over you, accented by the cosmic influence of the moon to energise your spiritual growth. For over two hundred years the Eye has remained a keystone of the Freemason’s symbology.


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Embrace the mystical protection and spiritual energy of the all-seeing eye of God with this exquisite pewter pyramid triangle, beautifully accented by the cosmic influence of the moon, to energize your spiritual growth.

This stunning piece, featuring a bright blue-pupiled Swarovski crystal eye, serves as a powerful symbol of divine watchfulness and guidance, deeply rooted in over two hundred years of Freemason symbology.

The all-seeing eye, a keystone of spiritual protection and enlightenment, is perfectly complemented by the celestial energy of the moon, making this pendant not just a piece of jewellery but a talisman of growth and insight.

Suspended on a 21″ (53cm) trace chain, this piece is designed for those who seek a deeper connection with the spiritual forces that guide and protect us.

Whether you’re drawn to the rich heritage of Freemason symbols or simply captivated by the beauty and meaning of the all-seeing eye, this pendant is a testament to the enduring power of symbols to inspire and uplift. Let it be a daily reminder of the divine presence watching over you, guiding your path towards enlightenment and spiritual fulfilment.

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