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Ocean Jasper Crystal Sphere approximately 110mm

Ocean Jasper is a stone with a soothing power; it is a crystal that brings the strength and renewal associated with the element of water into our lives. Ocean Jasper serves to show and remind us of the flow of interactions which our words and actions cause and how our actions return to us, Ocean Jasper helps to grow our patience and encourages coping with changes in our lives it is strongly affiliated with giving service and helps people to learn to help others.

Spiritually, Ocean Jasper is linked to Atlantis and is believed to have ties to the ancient city and may still harbor mystic knowledge from their ancient and wise culture. Ocean Jasper helps to reclaim spiritual wisdom and helps those trying to rediscover their past lives, as it is grounding and focused, Ocean Jasper is a crystal of Tranquility and is particularly conductive for meditation.

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