Dragon Blood 12mm Beaded Bracelet

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Dragon Blood 12mm Beaded Bracelet.

Dragons Blood Works on the body’s metabolism to help provide more energy, strength, and endurance to the user, it boosts circulation and aids in detoxifying blood and cleansing the liver, Dragons blood is a powerful healer of the heart and blood systems it can be used to help relieve nosebleeds and help to heal from heart conditions. Dragon’s blood boosts immunity and helps to speed up recovery periods it can support muscle generation and is used by some athletes to help with recovery times. Dragon’s blood also aids in other bodily fluid circulation and is associated with increased libido and fertility.

Dragons Blood Jasper has been historically gifted as a protection amulet for warriors. Dragon’s Blood gives the courage of the Dragons and the regeneration of reptiles as it works to heal physical wounds and bleeding. This is a crystal of courage and helps to face inner doubts and internal negativity, and can be used to replace these with self love and self esteem through understanding.